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More Precious than Pearls Authors on ShalomTV

For Mother’s Day, Sara Esther Crispe ( and Rabbi Jeffrey Segelman (Westchester Jewish Center) discuss Mark Pearlman’s book, More Precious than Pearls: A Prayer for the Women of Valor in Our Lives



Publisher brings Jewish wisdom to a Web site or e-book near you

(Jewish Journal, May 4, 2012)

Rethink Partners Publishing has introduced Sinai Live Books, an imprint of the company that acts as a modern mecca for Jewish literature.

Based online and working with an established group of Jewish authors and leaders, Sinai Live assembles and publishes writings that offer insight into Jewish wisdom for the everyday.The works can be delivered, downloaded, or even watched with video e-books—brief filmed commentaries that offer concise but profound discussions with authors like Rabbi Benjamin Blech or Rabbetzin Esther Jungreis.

For Mark Pearlman, founder of Rethink Partners Publishing, it’s easy access to tough topics that makes Sinai Live different.

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Sharing Bite-Size Chunks Of Wisdom

(The Jewish Week, May 2, 2012)

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that is thoughtful, timely — and free?

A publishing company called Sinai Live is offering a small book entitled “More Precious Than Pearls,” a collection of 10 essays reflecting on Eishet Chayil (A Woman of Valor), the chapter from the Book of Proverbs traditionally sung to the woman of the house before the Friday night Shabbat meal.

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Sinai Live Offers Free Video E-Book to Help You Prepare for the High Holidays

(PRWeb, August 31, 2012)

Sinai Live Book is offering a free video e-book in time for the High Holidays. “Connecting Moments: Elevate your High Holiday Experience” is a collaboration with some of the world’s top Rabbis and teachers, who, in text and on film, share the secrets to transforming the religious, family and community experience of the Days of Awe.

Connecting Moments book is the seventh title from Sinai Live Books (, an imprint that offers concentrated, transformative Jewish wisdom in a variety of formats, including print books and video e-books.

“Sometimes the right words at the right time can unlock the deepest insights. Sinai Live is about guiding you to these ‘Aha! Moments’ – moments of clarity that stay with you forever,” says Mark Pearlman, founder of Sinai Live Books. “Through concise and thoughtful books—like Connecting Moments – we hope to make Jewish wisdom relevant to our daily lives, ultimately guiding us to be better people and have better relationships with those around us and with God.”

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Rethink Partners Publishing Launches Sinai Live Books

(PRWeb, April 30, 2012)

Rethink Partners Publishing has launched a new imprint called Sinai Live Books, which offers concentrated, transformative Jewish wisdom in a variety of formats, including print books and video e-books.

“These books convey practical wisdom that can help readers change their perspective on everyday life,” says Mark Pearlman, founder of Rethink Partners. “A book doesn’t have to be long for it to have a lifelong impact. A single spark of insight is all it takes.”

Sinai Live works with top-selling authors and speakers in the Jewish community to create a unique reading experience that combines powerful videos with inspiring text. Books are divided into succinct chapters such as Purpose, Self-worth, Creativity and Balance, with one video teaching per chapter. Currently Sinai Live has published four books by high-quality teachers and one collection of essays.

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