Passport to Kabbalah

Passport to Kabbalah: A Journey of Inner Transformation

By Rabbi DovBer Pinson

Life is a journey full of ups and downs, inside-outs, and unexpected detours. There are times when we think we know exactly where we want to be headed, and other times when we are so lost we don’t even know where we are. Often, people get stuck by the idea of a pre-determined destination for this journey called life. They either feel like they are supposed to be somewhere else, or they may feel like they will never get “there.” Both of these perspectives take us out of the eternal moment of the here and now, the transcendent present of presence. But if we read deeply into the inner dimension of the Torah, we are able to see that the true test of life is not where you get to, but how you got there. The point is not, in fact, the destination one reaches, but, more importantly, the journey one embarks upon.

The Torah, and its inner teachings, the Kabbalah, are meant to help us navigate this journey called life in the most conscious, caring, and creative way possible. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah, this book provides readers with a passport of sorts to help them through any obstacles along their path, leading them toward a life of meaning, purpose and self-actualization.

Transform Your Life

For most of us, other people define who we are, and we are left to fill in the details. That is to say that for the most part, other people choose the context of our life, and we choose the content. … But there is another way to live. You can create a life and identity for yourself wherein you are empowered to choose both your context and your content.



An interesting thing about prayer is that if you want to make your prayers more meaningful, you have to surrender all ‘understandings’ about prayer. This means that when you pray, you should pray like a child. You can be very complex and interesting when you are trying to understand things, but that should all be prior to the actual act of prayer. Once you pray, there should simplicity.



When you only think about the larger picture, it is sometimes hard to see where your life is headed. In Kabbalistic terminology, your life’s meaning is like the Light. Then there are things and situations in your life that are the vessels for this great Light.

Certain events or experiences in life seem purposeless. When this happens, you are perceiving more of the vessel of a situation. Everything has both an aspect of light (meaning, purpose, connection) and an aspect of vessel (lack of meaning, purposelessness, separation).

Rabbi Pinson is a world-renowned scholar, author, kabbalist and beloved spiritual teacher. He is a master of the revealed and inner aspects of Torah and has written dozens of groundbreaking books on Kabbalah and Philosophy including:

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Rabbi Pinson is the Rosh Yeshivah of the IYYUN Yeshivah and heads the IYYUN Center for Jewish Spirituality in Brooklyn, NY. He travels extensively and has attracted thousands of loyal followers and students around the world. Learn more at

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